The Handmade Touch

Long before there were computers and the wonders of digital technology, type was created by hand with a little bit of love and some elbow grease. Handmade type has a unique rhythm that digital type cannot always capture. Lucky for us, there are still some that believe in the distinctive style of handmade type, and we wish to bring them to you!

Handwritten signs like this are all over shop windows and displays in Italy, and it’s nice to see some that don’t hurt the eyes. Thank you for your efforts shopkeeper, they haven’t gone unnoticed.

Type on tiles? Che bello! The amount of detail invested in this typography hints at the hand-painted ceramics that are typical of Italian craftsmanship.

Sign us up for this art school!

Typography Land is a beautiful place when the short and squat can be friends with the tall and thin! It’s also nice to see a sans-serif font with some humanistic touches.

The geometrical design of these characters creates an ironic contrast with the organic forms sure to be found in this Super Flora shop.

Yet another successful geometric wooden typeface. Needs some work on the kerning, though…

Wow! What a quirky little typeface. Squashing the tall letters to fit into the same line with the short ones — that’s what I call equality.

Please observe the relationship between the positive and negative shapes in and around the R; it’s love. And that A — it’s just got so much spunk!

Bellemo? More like bellisimo! The funky baselines make these little letters look like they’re going to dance right off the doorbell.

Found in the back alleyways of Venice, the green and orange copper combo makes this Bauhaus-y type pop. Who ever knew doorbells could be so much fun?


2 responses to “The Handmade Touch

  1. i can only read the one that says super flora, i assume that means super floors.

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