Found Type in Lucca

Type is everywhere! As we are constantly bombarded with information, we sometimes don’t stop to look at what actually lies in front of us. The words we read on signs are surprising little works of art, if we only take the time to stop and notice. As Joel and I peruse through Italy, we capture these hidden gems, and share them with you. The following are examples of typography found while visiting Lucca, enjoy!

How elegant! The elongated characters and contrast in stroke width is a match made in typographic heaven. We’d definitely buy our glasses there.

The art deco reference may be a bit odd for a gelateria, but the style and artful use of maroon and gold (go Gophers!) sets it apart from any other gelateria we have encountered.

We like this one because of its vintage appeal as its unusual width.

Check out those legs! The curve in the R is just perfect. We also appreciate the fact they accomplished a 3D effect without screwing it up. The photo doesn’t show this well, but the gold in the letters was actually very reflective and shiny, as any nice orologio should be.



3 responses to “Found Type in Lucca

  1. Very nerdy. Very awesome. Glad to see that Florence is devoid of COMIC SANS rainbow font.

  2. wow asia, im impressed….. you are always so insightful! miss you cant wait for you to be home na wigilie 🙂

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